May 23 to June 5, 2017

Artists Reception:
Sunday, May 28 - 2 to 5pm

Art Square Gallery & Cafe

334 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario

Resonance Exhibition


Resonance:  The power to evoke enduring images, memories, and emotions — - Oxford dictionary, online

Resonance explores the synchronous vibrations of form, colour and rhythm in painting. To make a mark, and to come back to that mark. To engage and to re-engage. Coming and going but always returning. The gesture of a moment is held, and gives us a centre for our own oscillations.

The perfect system could oscillate forever, but there is no perfection – only humanness, and the beauty of imperfection.


Resonance is the first exhibiton for d-SHO, a group of 4 painters, who have been critiquing and supporting each other’s work since 2010.


d-SHO is:

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