Robin Kingsburgh

Robin Kingsburgh is a Toronto artist with a background in both science (astronomy) and painting. Her work embodies experiments in nature. Process driven, unconscious gestures respond to the random drip of flowing paint or the grain on a slab of wood, and become the starting points for meditations on rhythm, form, tone and colour. Inspired by geometry, and the imposition of the grid or the square on nature as an organizing principle - which never can be successful, Kingsburgh’s work looks for the fine balance between order and chaos. 

She currently teaches science courses to artists and designers at the Ontario College of Art & Design University. She also teaches in the Division of Natural Science at York University. She has a studio in Toronto’s St. Clair West neighbourhood, and is a member of Propeller Gallery.



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HarmoniaEmergent Rhythms Ochre Colour Grid Detail 2Ariel Planis

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